Am I Really A Christian? A Challenge for all Christians

Mar 16, 2024

Have you ever had a moment of sudden realization that challenged your everyday behavior? Have you ever stopped to consider if you carry the attributes that define what it means to be a Christian?

In today’s insight, the video creator had one of these experiences stemming from an interaction with a small, yet powerful, paragraph written in the 300s by Augustine. The paragraph contains fourteen short phrases that serve as a mirror, reflecting the true essence of what it means to be a Christian in action, and not just in name. The video takes us through these phrases one by one to teach us what God truly calls us to in Scripture.

These teachings encourage us to embody the virtues of Christianity in every aspect of our lives. This journey through wisdom not only deepens our understanding of the Bible but also offers practical guidance for spiritual growth, urging us to transform our hearts and minds in alignment with Christ’s teachings.

For anyone seeking to deepen their understanding of what it truly means to live as a Christian, this video offers a beautifully illustrated introspective journey into the heart of Christian values. If you would like to explore these insights and consider how they might influence your own path of spiritual growth, you can watch the video below: