Hallelujah, He is Risen: An Easter Song by Nerd in the Word

Mar 31, 2024

Hello, everyone!

I’m presenting something very new today. A song by Nerd in the Word that is fresh out of the studio!

For a little backstory, when I was in late high school and college, I had a yearly tradition of writing a song for Easter. Sadly, this tradition fell out of practice when I started working on my master’s degree. It’s only natural that a master’s program would leave me with very little time to spend on hobby projects. Despite the time restraints that have burdened me over the years, I do miss writing my yearly song to celebrate the resurrection. There is nothing greater to sing about than the cross, salvation, and new life!

I’ve talked about releasing music via Nerd in the Word since day one, but due to limitations in my ability to record instruments and vocals, it has never quite come together. That is until today. With new improvements in technology, it is becoming easier and easier to create and release music. So, I have done this experiment to see what I could put together with my limited time and the latest tools. I’m very pleased with the results and I hope you like it too.

Feel free to listen to the hottest new Easter single below! I hope it can help you celebrate this very special day with me. If you enjoy it, please let me know in the YouTube comments and share it with a friend! I’ll consider looking into more releases in the future if I get good feedback.

Happy Easter. He is Risen!